5 Sites To Download Beautiful Desktop Wallpapers of Nature


Part of personalizing your computer system is placing your choice of wallpaper on the desktop. Nature lovers will love this list of sites with great wallpapers of nature for desktop. Find everything from landscapes, insects, forest scenes, and plant life that would look perfect on your desktop. We looked through many, many wallpaper sites, to graphic design blogs, to nature conservancy sites in order to compile this list. We hope you enjoy.

Desktop wallpapers of nature #1.InterfaceLIFT

desktop wallpapers of nature
InterfaceLIFT is a popular website that hosts creative icons for Windows and Mac, operating system themes and wallpapers. They have a huge repository of gorgeous images uploaded by photography hobbyists and professionals. Most of their wallpapers come in a variety of sizes and even support netbooks, HDTVs, dual-monitor setups and mobile devices.
Here are several examples of wallpapers of nature for desktop extracted from their list.
Orange Days
desktop wallpapers of nature
Blue Forest
desktop wallpapers of nature
desktop wallpapers of nature
Old Stone
desktop wallpapers of nature


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