bmw 3 vs audi a4


History has not known a more fierce battle than the one that exists between BMW 3Series and Audi A4. With both being in make for over 30 years now, they have been the best selling cars for their producing company. Therefore, with the launch of the brand new BMW and the revampedAudi A4, the competition between the two automotive has just become more interesting.

The latest 3 series is ripe with promise and expected to have a grand reception. The company has totally changed the whole look of the car. There has been an addition of a new engine along with various options concerning the body of the car. Moreover, the various trim levels available in this model make it all the more exciting.

On the other hand, Audi has not come with as extreme a makeover as BMW. However, with the alterations that they have made to the visual as well as mechanical experience is bound to outshine the new 3 Series.
What the BMW has concentrated on is a change in the outlook which they have indeed succeeded in achieving. The kidney grills in the front look amazing and so does the excellent work done on the plastic areas and bright patches on the trim levels. In competition to this, the Audi has come with a headlight and grille similar to that of the A6. This has given it a grand look.

However, when it comes to leg room and cabin space, the new 3 Series has equaled its rival this time. This was something that BMW has always lacked compared to A4. But not anymore! The competition is intensified when the framework of both cars is compared. Although, both have very different shapes, they are fine-looking in their own distinct way. While Audi has kept it simple when it comes to the interior with a neat arrangement and a state-of-the-art aura, BMW has it fancy. It’s interior has been inspired by that of the latest models of 1 and 6 series but it nonetheless, provides a one of a kind experience.

There is enough talk on the external factors. Now let us get down to the real thing: the engine. As mentioned before, the new 3 Series comes with a new engine, this means that it incorporates a high-end, recent technology. It has 6 cylinders and a 335i engine but lacks a bit when it comes to its efficiency. In comparison, Audi’s 4 cylinders, 2 L each 328i engine makes all the difference.


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