Current iPad Price Drop Before iPad 3 Release


Just like every other electronic product, when a model gets a price drop, it usually means a newer one is coming soon. This is what it looks like for the iPads. Retailers are dropping their prices because the new iPad 3 is most likely coming soon.
Best buy dropped their prices by $50 for the iPad 2 this weekend. This is should be a heads up for those who want the current iPad, or for those who are looking to upgrade to the iPad 3.
Many experts are predicting that the iPad 3 will launch March 7. It’s been reported that the device looks similar, but it will be fast and better. The iPad 3 features that are expected are higher screen resolution, quad core processor, and Siri voice control.
The screen is expected to have 2048×1536 Retina display. The process is said to be a lot fast than the current one. And the Siri voice control is said that it will be fully functional just like seen in the current iPhone.
Experts are also claiming that the iPad 3 will cost a little bit more than the current models. It is said that it will cost up to $80 more according to leaks from one of their factory lines.
With all of that, it looks like Apple will be showing us something new. It is still too early to say exactly what the iPad 3 will cost, look like, or when it will be revealed since these statements are all speculations and rumors. The only official news is when Apple themselves announces the news about the iPad 3.


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