iPad 3 Features and More Release Date Rumors


More rumors are coming about regarding the iPad 3 features and release date. A source from a target employee confirmed that the iPad 3 will launch in the beginning of March. Employees at these type of retail stores usually don’t have this type of inside information but other sources have stated the same information about the release date.
Another source claims that the media event will be held in San Francisco where the iPad 3 will be released in the first week of March. This is where you will get to know everything about the iPad 3 features and capabilities.
Many sources state that one of the iPad 3 features will have 4G LTE. It will be LTE compatible and available to AT&T and Verizon customers. It is said that these 2 carriers are the only ones that are capable to handle this type of feature at this time.
The top two iPad 3 features that is wanted by Apple enthusiast are HD Retina display and the A6 quad core processor. Retina display is expected to have 2048×1536 resolution and the A6 processor will be powerful and an upgrade from the current iPad.
The rumor dates are coming closer so we will see soon whether the iPad 3 features and rumor release dates are true.


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