iPad 3 May Be Announced First Week of March


According to some sources, Apple will be hosting an event in the beginning of March where they will announce the new iPad 3 to the world. There is still no official word yet on when you can have one in your hands.
The 2nd generation iPad was revealed on March 2nd of last year and made available to everyone on March 11. So the prediction that we will see the iPad 3 next month is not far fetched. Also Apple is usually consistent on their released dates so there is a good chance we will see it soon.
The iPad 3 features is what has everyone talking about. Rumor has it that it will have a 2048×1536 Retina display. This is a huge upgrade from the current iPad which has a display of 1024×768 display. The display’s pixel will be so high, that your eyes will be unable to tell the difference between individual pixels. In other words, this type of display is amazing.
The iPad 3 features and appearance will be great. There is no official stats or photos of the iPad 3 yet. This is one of those things you will just have to wait and see. Apple never fails to devliver so it’s safe to say that the iPad 3 will be amazing.

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