iPad 3 Release Date – Early March Likely!


The iPad 3 release date has been in the news loop for long. Here’s some more rumor – this time, putting the iPad 3 release date closer to March. Macotakara, a Japanese website dealing with Apple news leaked – or rumored – that Apple is looking for an early February launch and an early March release date for the iPad 3. If that is going to happen, quite a lot of people are going to be happy!
The iPad 3, you would have already read on our website and from various other sources, is a top-notch tablet from Apple, building on the iPad 2. There are quite a lot of interesting iPad 3 features on the charts. Although some of the iPad 3 specs have been logically constructed, based on the upstream supply chain information and sources from manufacturers, most of them are still under the rumors category. Nevertheless, they are very impressive!
Of the iPad3 specifications, the most prominent one is the display. While first, it was reported that Apple is looking a dual-LED designs which would make the iPad 3 thicker than iPad 2, it was later said a work-around for this had been achieved. That made the iPad 3 as thin as the iPad 2. The enhanced display with such dual-LED backlights would mean that the resolution is about to hit much higher values. The iPhone 4S’s retina display could transmigrate to iPad 3 too – providing excellent, high-def quality on the iPad 3.
Things like Siri could also appear on iPad 3 – especially considering the popularity of Siri on iPhone 4S. Siri is a very classic selling point right now and people would lap it up if it came on iPad 3. For this, the iPad 3 would have the latest iOS too. The current beta iOS 5.1 could very well see a public release pretty soon – and if that happened before the launch of iPad 3, it could feature on the iPad 3 specs.
There seems to be an ongoing debate regarding LTE support on Apple’s iPad 3 too. For the moment though, nothing is confirmed on that.
So, in a crux, iPad 3 release date looks to be around March. Of all the things speculated highly, the iPad 3 release date and specifications are the most-talked about. We just have to wait a while now!
Update (01st March 2012): Latest report from DigiTimes suggests that Apple will release 8GB iPad 2 along with the iPad 3 Next Week. Read more.
Update (29th February 2012): Speck has released an iPad 3 case prototype, even as iPad 3 release date has been unofficially confirmed to be March 7. Read more.
Update (28th February 2012): Apple has officially annouced an event for the next generation iPad 3 release date. Event will be held on 7th March at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Find out more on iPad 3 launch event.
Update (26th February 2012): Latest report suggests that iPad 3 shipments from the Chinese Foxconn have begun. Read more.
Update (21st February 2012): Latest rumors suggest that iPad 3 is expected to bring in an advanced processor named A5X instead of the earlier mentioned A6. Read more.
Update (20th February 2012): Latest report from NextMedia suggests that iPad 3 may feature 8 MP camera and More Tapered Edges. Read more.
Update (14th February 2012): As per the latest report from iMore, March 7, 2012 is to be the iPad 3 release date for Apple which confirms the report by AllThingsD last week. Read more.
Update (13th February 2012): Dailymail.co.uk made a strong prediction that Apple will release iPad 3 in the coming march. Read more.
Update (10th February 2012): Latest report from AllThingsD suggests that Apple to Hold Event In March to Announce iPad 3 Release . Read more.
Update (03rd February 2012): Many reputed tech sites are talking about a “strange event” to be held in this month which would lead to the release of iPad 3 in March. Read more.
Update (02nd February 2012): The leaked screenshot of iPad 3, received by BGR… talks about, the third-generation iPad… which claims that the iPad 3 has many outstanding features. Read more.
Update (01st February 2012): Latest rumors from French iteration of Amazon suggest that iPad 3 release date could be 29th of March. Read more.
Update (18th January 2012): Japanese publication,  Macotakara is claiming that Apple may release iPad 3 in February 2012 or maybe in early March. Read more.
Update (12th January 2012): According to Macotakara iPad 3 Rumoured to be in Production for An Early March Release. Read more.
Update (07th January 2012): Latest report suggests that iPad 3 To Feature HD Facetime, Retina Display And 8MP Rear Camera While  iPad 2 Prices To Drop To $399.Read more.
Update (31st Dceember 2011): iPad 3 leaked image shows two different 9.7 inch displays, supposedly the current model of Apple’s iPad. Read more.
Update (29th Dceember 2011):  As per Digitimes, Apple may release iPad 3 with Double Battery Capacity In January 2012. Read more.
Update (24th Dceember 2011): Report sugests that Apple is Pushing to Introduce iPad 3 on February 24th, Steve Jobs’  Birthday. Read more.
Update (14th Dceember 2011): Looks like iPad 3 is now confirmed. More references to iPad 3 have been found in the recently released iOS 5.1 beta 2 code.Read on to find out more about it.
Update (10th Dceember 2011):As per the latest reports that iPad 3 will be launched in spring 2012 and it will surely have some great features along with retina display.
Update (30th November 2011): iOS 5.1 Beta Reveals iPad 3. Here is more on that.
Update (24th November 2011): Report suggests that Apple may lauch iPad 3 in March 2012. Read more on that.
Update (23rd November 2011) : Some concrete update on the iPad 3 release was recently posted on CultofMac. Here is more on that.
Update (19th November 2011): iLounge reports that its very reliable source has got us some credible information about iPad 3 release date, specs, and more news.Here is more on that.
Update (18th November 2011): Digitimes has reported tell-tale signs of Apple pitching in for the next gen iPad – the most-awaited iPad 3. Here’s more on it
Update (4th November 2011) : Report suggests that Apple may release iPad 3 or upgraded version of iPad 2 in March 2012. Here is more on that.
Update (23rd Octoer 2011): Latest report suggests that Apple may release iPad 3 i n first quarter of 2012. Here is more on that.
Update (20th August 2011): Is iPad 3 release date set for early 2012 with retina display? Here is detailed report from The Wall Street Journal.
Update (16th August 2011) : Has Apple cancelled iPad 3 supply orders for 2011? Find more in details.
Update (1st July 2011): Apple is planning to gear up iPad 2 shipments for the third quarter of this year. Does this mean we are not going to see iPad 3 this year? Find out more.
Update (2nd June 2011): According to DigiTimes, iPad 3 release date should be scheduled to somewhere in 2012. However, Apple has already started certifying process of components for the iPad 3. Here is you will detailed update on iPad 3 release date.
iPad 3 Features & Specs Expectation
  • Retina Display: People were expecting a retina display with the iPad 2; but the iPad disappointed them with the same display of the previous iPad. Now followers are waiting for an iPad 3 with a retina display. There is a rumor that the iPad 3 may offer a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels.
  • SD Card Slot: People are expecting a revolution in Apple iPad 3 with an SD card slot. Hopefully Apple may introduce SD card slot with the third generation iPad.
  • Improved HDMI: Yes iPad 2 also supports HDMI playback but you need to have Apple digital AV adapter, and that comes at an additional cost of $39. So it is much expected from iPad 3 to have an HDMI port that eliminates additional requirement of the HDMI cable.
  • Camera Flash: A camera with flash is a much-waited feature of the iPad; people were expecting iPad 2 to have camera flash; now we would be wondering if iPad 3 will have camera with flash.
  • Thunderbolt: The iPad 3 may have a Thunderbolt port. That will offer power, video and data connectivity using the same connector at lightning speed.
  • Wireless Synchronize: People are expecting iPad 3 to offer wireless sync of content rather than the traditional wired connectivity.


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