Samsung's love for Google's Android operating system, fitting android in camera ? mindblowing idea ...


Considering Samsung's love for Google's Android operating system, it won't be a surprise if one day Samsung comes up with Android-based digital cameras. However, if Engadget's report is to be believed, this might turn into reality soon. According to the report from Engdaget, Samsung is mulling over an "open" camera operating system.
Samsung R&D team has been researching on how to bring Android to its digital cameras. But the interesting point here is that what exactly would an OS like Android mean for digital camera users? Will the in-camera ecosystem be opened to third-party developers? This in turn could make it possible to use Twitter and Facebook apps that let you not only upload your photos directly with a familiar interface, but also see photos shared by your friends.
Also, a capacitive touchscreen would let you type in comments directly as well. Moreoever, a USB port could accommodate a spate of accessories including a microphone or a modem, which could be used with various models, including those from other manufacturers.
There are many predictions that could be made, but it will be interesting to hear that when Samsung is going to come up with its Android-powered digital cameras. The research is afoot and this is something under consideration. The are merely specualtions at this point of time and there is no such product announcement from Samsung yet.
Though Samsung is planning to foray into this space, but it would not be the first company to come up with an Android-based digital camera. Of late, Polaroid announced its SC1630 camera at CES. The company expects the product to hit the market later this year.
So, after smartphone, tablets and TVs, now is the time for digital cameras to run Google's Android operating system.


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