Solar Powered Air Conditoner


Air conditioners are both cause and solution of global warming, due to rise in temperature in recent years, it becomes necessary for each one of us to have air conditioner. It has become very important part of our life in recent years. The only problem is that it consumes great amount of electricity which results is more global warming.

One of the best solution of above problem is air conditioner which do not use electricity generated by pollution generating fuel, instead use something renewable and unconventional. One of the example for that is Solar Powered Air conditioner which takes its power from solar.Solar air conditioning refers to any air conditioning (cooling) system that uses solar power.

This project is part of solar project ideas and can be used by students of Mechanical  or Electronicsengineering. Even students of Physics would find it interesting.If this project is implemented with Passive Solar Design , it would be more effective.

How Solar Air Conditioning Works ?

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